Privacy Policy.

Last updated: 05/05/2017.

This Privacy Policy is part of our User Agreement and is intended to explain exactly how we use the information we collect about you. It can be anonymous information but also information that can identify you personally. Hidden Division may collect information about you when you use our Online Services. Respecting your privacy is a very important topic for us.

We use Cookies. What's that & why ?

Cookies are small files stored on your system that are capable of storing data. They are used to provide you with a pleasant and personalized navigation while using our Online Services and to establish statistics of use of our Online Services. You can disable the use of Cookies by modifying the settings in your internet browser (please consult the help section of your web browser for this). If you choose to disable the use of Cookies when browsing the Internet, you should understand that some web pages and online functionality may not work properly.

What are the different Cookies that we use?

1. Configuration Cookies

These Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our Online Services. They allow you to customize your navigation (screen resolution, font size etc.) and save certain settings (language, bookmarks, etc.).

2. Analysis Cookies

In order to establish accurate statistics on the use of our Online Services, we use Google Analytics. This analytical solution allows us to understand and improve the use of our Online Services by analyzing statistics such as the country of origin of our visitors, their languages, pages visited, duration of visit and certain information about the system and softwares used to display and navigate our Online Services. These Cookies and the information they collect are very important to us as they also allow to report and correct any errors preventing the normal functioning of our Online Services. These Cookies do not retrieve information about your true identity (for example, your real name, your real adress etc...). All information that these Cookies retrieve is stored in a secure database.

3. Social Networks Cookies

If you are connected to a social networking website such as Facebook, it may have placed a cookie on your computer which allows it to recognize you when you see content on our Online Services. These Cookies allow you to share content on social networks through the use of sharing features available on our Online Services. Each social network website has its own regulations regarding the use of your information collected with Cookies. See the terms of use and privacy policy of your social network website for more details.

Acceptance of the use of Cookies

By using our Online Services, you accept without limitation our use of Cookies. If you do not accept our Privacy Policy, you are not allowed to use our Online Services.